Your Dream Wedding Starts with the Perfect Dress

Here it is. The one day that you have been dreaming of your whole life. It’s actually almost here. However, no matter how much you have thought about it ever since you were a little girl, starting to actually prepare for it for real can be overwhelming.

To put things in perspective, let it be clear that a perfect wedding starts with the perfect wedding dress. The venue, the catering, the event styling, the cake and many other details are of course of high importance but since we all know that the bride is the center of attention, the dress must be more than stunning!

What makes a perfect wedding dress?

Here’s to help you out in selecting the perfect dress. Consider these things before going shopping or going to your appointment with your designer:

  1. The perfect dress compliments your body shape

While there are definitely hundreds of different wedding dress cuts, there is only one that is perfect for you. The trick is to select the one which compliments your shape: pear, hourglass, and apple.

  • Pear-shaped bodies have bigger hips and thinner shoulders. An A-line skirt will help neutralize the volume of the hips and a deep neckline or strapless top will highlight the shoulders.
  • Hourglass-shaped bodies have defined waist and proportional shoulders and hips. Brides of this type usually go for low-cut neckline and mermaid silhouette.
  • Apple-shaped women have thin arms and legs while waists are pronounced. V-style necklines and high-waist cuts are among the classic choices.
  1. The Perfect dress compliments your personal sense of style

While you as the bride should choose your dress according to what suits your body shape, you also get to express your personal fashion sense. You are not limited to what compliments your shape because adding your own personal touch to the dress will make it all the more special and all the more you!

  • Bead work

It doesn’t matter if you bought a ready-made dress or you are having it tailor-made. You can have the bead work done according to your artistic instincts!

  • Material

This applies to brides having their dresses made for them. The material determines the texture of the dress and this is something you can totally choose for yourself!

  • Color

While white is pretty standard, some creative and unconventional brides opt to make it more colorful and you can definitely do it too. But aside from bold colors, you can also choose which shade of white or cream to go for!


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